“Giving Thanks”

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A Seminary classmate of mine who became the Rodeo writer for the Fort Worth Star Telegram wrote an article for the seminary newspaper at T.C.U. The title was, “Giving Thanks Cures Depression”. Now I understand that true clinical depression is a serious matter which often requires a doctors care. But, my friend had a point. If only one could fill one’s mind with things which they were thankful for then it would be a positive step in the changing of one’s outlook. The old hymn goes “count your many blessings, count them one by one, count your many blessings see what God has done.”

The Thanksgiving holiday is upon us. Many immediately think of all day football. Myself, I think of turkey, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. Yet, the first Thanksgiving was an opportunity for the first European settlers to thank God for a bountiful harvest.

Here at First Forney we will celebrate this wonderful time as a church family in worship, with the United Methodist Women’s Bazaar and with a thanksgiving meal for the community on the 22nd of the month.

There is a lot wrong with the world to the point that it can be overwhelming. In contrast let’s put on an attitude of thankfulness for all that we are thankful for.

In Christ,

Pastor Chris