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                It is hard to believe that Christmas is in a few weeks and 2017 will be over. The Joy Mission Group has touched many lives throughout the year with projects we have worked on. We are sending 1,000 – 2,000 coupons monthly to Fort Hood. It is amazing how many coupons ladies can clip in 2 hours!

Trying to be resourceful, we used the squares that we cut off the blankets we made for Christmas last year and throughout this year; we made small blankets and donated them to the Fern Norville Children’s Shelter.

We made fifteen fidgets pads to be be donated to the Special Needs Ministry at First Baptist Church.

These being a few of our projects this year, we feel that our Prayer Blanket is maybe the most meaningful. Making them has certainly touched our group. Please let us know if you know of someone who may benefit from one of the prayer blankets.

Last Christmas we offered Christmas cards for the congregation to take and distribute to employees of businesses who have to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day when others are with their families. The places we depend on as we enjoy our time with our families. We will be offering these cards again this Christmas. They will be available beginning December 17 in the Foyer. Please take some and spend a few minutes handing them out.

“Merry Christmas from the JOY Mission Group”


Thank you!

We want to thank everyone who has helped serve in our Worship Services this year. Whether serving Communion or helping clean up afterward; our children serving as Acolytes; Ushers; operating our AV equipment; reading Scripture; leading prayer; taking part in our special services or any number of other things…we appreciate every one of you. Our Worship Services would not be complete without your help.

 Danny Weaver & Linda Bryant