The Call to Discipleship

courtney Pastor's Blog

When Jesus calls us to deny ourselves, he is not saying I want you to lose your individual self. Rather, he is saying, “do not build your identity upon temporal things of this world. Popularity, success, accumulation of things are temporary, they are fleeting. The Bible says these things will, like flowers of the grass, fade away. There is a popular saying, “He who dies with the most toys wins.” The bible says he who dies with the most toys dies. He is not saying, “I have been a bad or immoral person so I will now go to church and become a good and decent person.” Jesus is destroying all performances as the means to gain our value. Jesus by saying ‘take up the cross and follow me’ is saying that we now have an identity based upon the gospel. My life will no longer be built upon my accomplishments in life; rather, it will be built on my life in God. “I went to the cross — and on the cross I lost my identity so that you can have one.”


In Christ,

Pastor Chris