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December Newsletter

Christmas Time is many people’s favorite time of the year! I am no different! I love the winter air, the spirit of people around me and, of course, the birth of our Lord. This Christmas season, I want to reflect on the idea of maintaining a grateful attitude. Last month, our devotional was about Thanksgiving, this month, it’s about keeping that attitude and bringing it into the new year. Attitude is a constant choice we are faced with. We can choose to live gratefully or we can choose to get stuck on the little things. The holidays don’t just bring a spirit of giving but many frustrations as well. “It takes forever to get anywhere.” “Why do I need to keep my receipt out at Wal-mart?” We get the opportunity to NOT get caught on these things during this time of year since we have Christ. What a perfect time to really reflect Christ’s love to the world!


Mission Trip Sign Up: I have started a running list of students I know are interested. We need to start collecting deposits. February 1st is the deadline for the $50 deposit. May 1st will be the deadline for all money. It will cost $200 for one child and then every additional student that a family is paying for is $100. Please don’t let money be an issue and we want everyone who wants to go be able to go.

Please check the schedule for youth dates that we will be off!


The Breakfast Club: November 3rd-Breakfast Burritos!

No Youth the week of Thanksgiving Break

Mission Trip Deposit Due December 1st!