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From Pastor Hayley | May 22, 2024

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Church Family,

Have you ever had to own up for something you did wrong? Maybe you remember sneaking out to see an R-rated movie and then confessing the truth to your seething parents after you crept into the house past curfew. Or maybe, more recently, you lied to your boss and had to face the consequences once you were found out.

We have all had to come face-to-face with an authority and own up to what we’ve done wrong. Palms sweat, and the stomach twists and turns. It can feel like you’re going before the judge in a court martial.

Judges elicit a sense of fear, don’t they? They never call you in for something you have done right. We think of them as someone who harshly tells us what we did wrong. And they seem to be everywhere these days on television. 

There’s Judge Judy and Hatchett. Mathis and Christina. Judge Brown. Then there are some judges you may not know. They even have a book in the Bible with their name on it. Judges. 

These judges appeared on the scene to help sort out right and wrong. They also helped people get out of trouble. God’s people kept putting themselves into a never-ending cycle of disobedience, discipline, declaration of wrong, and deliverance. 

Judges like Deborah, Gideon, and Samson helped them find their way back to God. What did the people do that was so bad they needed judges? Two things.

First, they failed to put God first in their lives (Judges 1:28) and secondly, they did not teach their children to know God (Judges 2:10).

These two “sins” led to their downfall and ruin. Are you making the same mistakes they made? If so, you have a judge that can help you––Jesus.

The good news is that when he “calls” you into his office after you’ve messed up, you will look up to see your judge’s face and see your savior there.

Pastor Hayley