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From Pastor Hayley | February 21, 2024

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Church Family,

Happy Wednesday! We have such an awesome day ahead with our Women’s Bible Study at 10:30 am, Prayer Gathering at noon, Kids of the Kingdom Choir at 5:15 pm, and Fellowship dinner at 6:00 pm followed by studies for all ages! Come join us!

If I were to describe this last Sunday in one word, it would be celebration. We got to celebrate in incredible ways what the Lord is doing among us. We have seen teenagers give their lives to Jesus and share their testimonies, we have seen multiple baptisms, we finished up another New Member Class and received new members into our church, we have seen continued updates around our campus and major progress on our parking lot, we have seen prays answered, and we have powerfully seen the Holy Spirit move in times of worship. I don’t know about you, but this kind of Holy Spirit work is exciting.

We are currently in the Season of Lent, which is 40 days of prayer and fasting leading up to the persecution, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Are you fasting from something? How is it going? How are you seeking the Lord in the midst of that? Are you praying, journaling, searching the scriptures? Today marks one week of Lent, so if you need encouragement to keep going, here it is! You got this, not because of your own strength or willpower, but because of the Lord’s. Seek after him.

After Lent, we are going to start a church-wide study of “The Story” Bible. For 31 weeks, we will walk through the overarching narrative of scripture. We will be sending out more information on that next week, but here is what you need to know, our goal is to have everyone plugged into a Sunday school class or small group during the study. So be praying about what that might look like for you.  

I will see you on Sunday! Who are you inviting to church this week?

Pastor Hayley